Admittedly, I do watch a lot of tv series. I cannot help it, I get sucked in by twisted plots very easily. With the new season of Game of Thrones it was also time for a new sleepy tee for one of my best friends who is a big GoT-fan and incidentally had her birthday two weeks ago. 


Before we begin with the instructions. This is an idea I got via browsing the good old pinterest. Anyone thinking I came up with this myself, please be disappointed now.


What we’ll need:

  • a t-shirt (bought mine from the basic section at H&M)
  • fabric paint
  • stiff brush
  • cutter


  • computer
  • printer
  • adhesive foil (clear tape might also work)
  • old newspaper


  1. Download a free Game of Thrones font online and add it to your font library. (Using Mac you can just drag it from your downloads into the folder “fonts” which should be found under the “library” section)
  2. Write and print out your desired GoT quote using any office program you like to use for this sort of thing. (Boring as I am I used Word)
  3. Stick the adhesive clear foil (the one your mum used to cover all your school books way back when) onto your printed paper. Make sure you don’t get bubbles.
  4. Use the cutter to carefully cut out the letters. Make sure you leave tiny spaces out when cutting letters like “o” or “R” or “P” or “d” etc.
  5. Insert newspaper between your two t-shirt layers.
  6. Pin your quote to the tee using pin needles.
  7. Carefully start tipping the brush into the fabric paint and stipple over your cut-outs.
  8. You might want to do another layer.
  9. Remove your stencil. (Trust me when I say to dothis before it dries, because I made the mistake and had to peel tiny scraps of paper from a lot of the characters edges)
  10. Let dry for 24h. (Do according to your fabric paints’ instructions)
  11. Iron (or not – shame on me) and put in the washer.

Finished. Now go make yourself some queso and nachos and start watching!