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When you not only get to have a second music video for your Grammy-nominated worldwide hit but have it directed by David LaChapelle and moreover get Sergei Polunin to dance for you, I guess you’ve made it.

And Hozier totally deserves it. His songs are full of raw emotions and self-doubt while having a powerfulness to them that doesn’t leave you in your misery, but feels encouraging. Like someone who knows and acknowledges that we are all humans, which can be challenging at times, but also the best thing in the world because we get to live and feel all of it.

He wrote “Take Me to Church” out of frustration with the catholic church and its stance on homosexuality. This seems to be perfectly captured by David LaChapelle using the scaffold-like church as scenery and a strong ballet dancer like Sergei Polunin whose movements epitomise so many of the lyric’s and music’s issues.

More on former principal dancer of the British Royal Ballet Sergei Polunin: watch this.
More on David LaChapelle: watch this and read this on how he was the last one to take a picture of Andy Warhol, one of his main influences.

Fun fact: Andrew Hozier-Byrne was in the same orchestra as one of my very close irish friends and he did attest to Hozier’s awesomeness outside of the musical context too.