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Finally I challenged myself and made the book clutch project!!

book clutch DIYThis is not a tutorial, because all the props go to SeeKateSew and her amazing tutorial. However, I wanted to give you a little inspirations and a few pointers along the way. In the end I did not only make one for my friend, but even one for myself! Love it so much!! Though I should warn you: The project is still on the more challenging side of the doability-of-DIY-scale 🙂

What you will need:

  • old, leather-spine hardcover book (I got mine from a wonderful project here in my university town, where people can donate their books by just putting them in a glas-fronted bookshelf outside the townhall so that everybody has access any time of the day)
  • approx. 50cm long zipper (length depends on the size of your book. it should go around three sides of the book)
  • half a meter of fabric (preferably in a colour found in the spine)
  • a cutter
  • sewing machine (unless you want to do it by hand which is fine too)
  • yarn in your fabric’s colour
  • fabric glue (or E6000 if you have it on hand)
  • half a meter heat-n-bond (known in Germany as Vliesofix)
  • iron

book spine book clutch DIY

When you are following Kate’s instructions, be aware that you might want to use clothespins as glue clamps and use heat induced glue for your fabric insides as well.


insides book clutch DIY

Also I regret I didn’t sew a credit card and mobile phone pouch to each sides of my insides, but you can think about that now!

And please open your windows when working with the glue! The fumes are just unbearable for your body.

Happy DIYing!!