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Probably the best concert I have been to in years!

Abby rocked the stage and impressed all of my friends with their instrumental skills, their passion and most of all with the fact that EVERYTHING is self-made. YES, he just played the flute to create this sound; YES, he just played a 3 minute cello solo and YES, he is barefoot and switches all the keys with his toes. Tilly is absolutely incredible on stage and you can see in his movements and strokes just how absorbed and passionate he is for the music they make.

You might know their hit single Evelyn already, but I’d love for you to listen to the whole album Friends&Enemies. But first we start with Monsters:

Just a couple of days after the concert I found out that they are going to be BIG this year as their single Again is going to be on the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack! How unbelievable is that?! Five German guys practically in an American blockbuster! So glad I saw them in such an intimate setting!!