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Yes-Trey Speegle

(Yes, you complete the picture by Trey Speegle – 2010 – 72×96”)

I believe Trey Speegle has absolutely found his destiny in this old paint by numbers collection he stumbled upon in the 2000s. The Texan born artist has already collaborated with Stella McCartney and Jonathan Adler – and one has to say any of these paintings would make an amazing entryway or living room piece! With his background of collaborating with stores such as Anthropologie with – let’s say – a broader consumer spectrum than traditional art galleries, he seems to be looking at his pieces from a more inclusive angle and thus a more inviting one. Which is a philosophy I love. Art is for everyone and I certainly wouldn’t mind owning – even just a reproduction – of any of his works from his paint by numbers series as shown on his website.

WAYWF by Trey Speegle

(What are you waiting for? by Trey Speegle – 2008 – 72×96”)

Little Did They Know by Trey Speegle

(Little did they know by Trey Speegle – 2009 – 48×69”)