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Humanity in times of crisis - The flood 2013

So this is what I wore everyday last week: wellingtons, leggings and an old t-shirt.

Why – you ask?

So my university town was hit by a severe case of flooding last week, basically the worst flood we experienced in over 500 years. As Passau is set amongst three rivers it didn’t come as a shock to us that we would have to expect a flooding after all these rainy days. Flooding happens to us every year. A few usual suspects houses get wet and our freshers are all excited and take pictures. However, this year we lost our smiley faces overnight.

Flood Two

Never have I seen people lose their homes and shops! On tv all of this seems bearable but when you are actually missing electricity and water supply for days, you suddenly realize how lucky you were and still are. Some of my friends were not able to get to a supermarket for days because of the serious flooding of streets and bridges, some needed to get evacuated because their apartements were hit badly, some lost all of their clothes and furniture because they lived on the first floor, some students fled to nearby Munich or their parents’ places…

…but some students stayed.

And those were all answering the call of communitarian duty. I found myself among those individuals and I am still amazed at how much we got done in just a day, in two days, in three… and now after six days the town looks almost polished. My generation is often called “Generation X”, the one that consumes but never gives back or cares. Now I belong to “Generation Wellies” and I am proud! I even get chills thinking about how much brack water we carried in buckets, how much mud we shoveled and how much bulky refuse we carried to containers.

But then I am also deeply saddened by the walls we had to tear down, the shops we had to empty, the fridges we had to clear, the photo albums that were destroyed and the toys we had to throw in the dumpster. My condolences, respect and courage goes out to all the people in the regions which were and still are massively affected by the flood. I can call myself among the lucky ones but many, many can’t.

If you can, please donate generously.

German Red Cross (unfortunately it’s the only one I found an international account for)

IBAN: DE 63370205000005023307