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This young man is so talented!  Not even a quarter century old, this man has already mastered to create an album so full of wisdom and musical experiences that I cannot believe we will see more and better of him. Ásgeir has published his first album the way many Icelandic musicians do: with the help of a village. Everyone in his small village (consisting of forty inhabitants) was involved in the pressing, printing and shipping process of his album. His father wrote a lot of his lyrics and Ásgeir played most of the 10 different musical instrument that appear on the cd himself or with one of his oldest friends. His debut album Dýrð í dauðaþögn was nominated for the 2012 Nordic Music Prize. Even after his already big success in Iceland, he stays in his hometown. He says that he loves the loneliness and silence of it and needs it for his creative process. You can hear the magic of Iceland’s nature on the cd, as well as the hip, young and laid-back vibe of modern day Icelanders. Go and buy your own disc, he is worth much more!

P.S.: Leyndarmál means secret in Icelandic.