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All these new year’s resolutions out there have left me sitting here not wanting to write one at all this year. Mainly because most just don’t seem worth writing down at all, like working out more, studying harder, spending less etc. But seeing myself conquering different countries last year and this year on my own more or less and getting more comfortable with who I am, what I am capable of and what I can achieve, has led me to my resolution afterall. I spotted it in the Magritte exhibition, if I am not mistaken, and it has been on my quotes’ list since then:

Plus est en vous. There is more to you – otherwise known as: don’t think this is all you got!

Make a list of three goals you want to achieve in the next three years: figure out how you can get there. Who might be your partner in crime, what activity in your life is supporting this goal and which is not. Eliminate, subtract and add valuable activities. (In my case this was unfortunately eliminating one negative friend from my life, subtracting tv series that don’t make me any wiser and adding language courses to my activities as well as more non-fiction books to my bedside table.)

If you have achieved one goal: celebrate – BIG. Don’t hustle from one goal to the next. Live in the moment while you still can. (You got a champagne bottle from a lovely friend as a hostess gift? Open it on a girls night and don’t wait for your wedding day.)

If you haven’t achieved it: try harder and don’t get distracted by the sidelines. There will always be people standing in your way to success. Think about whether they are worth the fight or not in your battle to achieve your goal. But don’t forget to be kind: you always meet twice in life and that’s a rule. (Sometimes it may also be college grades that may seem to stand in your way. Forget about them and volunteer, work, intern and show your bosses that you are brainy and hard-working despite those.)

If you still haven’t: rethink whether you are actually passionate about that goal or whether you just think you are because of society or dominant persons in your life. If you figure out that it’s not really your passion, find out and conquer the thing you are really passionate about. (If you wanna become a writer, start with lectures at cozy cafes. If you wanna become a decorateur, start with your blogger friend’s apartement and let her post about it. If you wanna be a patissier, learn how to bake and whip cream at your local bakery. There is always a way to find out whether you are really passionate about something without letting go of your secure job or breaking the bank. Try, don’t fail by not even trying..)