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The most famous attraction of Brussels is probably Manneken Pis, the tiny (definitely tiny) boy who pees in a fountain on a chocolate-tourist-ripoffs filled corner close to Grand’ Place. Manneken was erected in 1619 and has since been stolen a few times and replaced and has its own collection of over 700 costumes which were mainly presents by state visits to Brussels. For special occasions, like national days or holidays he is dressed up. You can see when, what occasion and what kind of dress on a little chart next to the statue’s fence.


In some guides you may also find the female version Jeanneke Pis, who is pictured pretty realistically, don’t you think? This is however a pretty recent contribution to the fun things to discover in Brussels, being added in 1987 by the previous owner of the Delirium – a students and young hostel tourists attracting bar where you can get any kind of beer you wish for. Due to various attacks Jeanneke is seldomly seen without iron bars in front of her.

IMAG0052But no tourist guide is telling you about the third contribution yet! It is – of course – Zinneke Pis. My favourite one! Unfortunately not a fountain, but the most realistic one of them!


You can find them here:

Manneken Pis: corner of Rue de l’Etuve, Rue des Grands Carmes and Rue du Chêne

Jeanneke Pis: cul-de-sac Impasse de la Fidélité opposite the Delirium

Zinneke Pis: corner of  Rue des Chartreux and Rue du Vieux-Marché