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I know it is a little late, but maybe you get some inspiration for next year from the advent calendar I got from my mum this year. (Yes, I still get an advent calendar from my mum – don’t judge!) As we happen to have lived in different countries for a few years now it always comes in a big parcel with a traditional German Adventskranz and christmas biscuits. However, this year my mum was in a bit of a rush and left me to finish the calendar by putting glue, scissors, paper and cotton pads (yes pads) in there, too.

But I ended up loving finishing it while listening to christmas music on Spotify so much that I can highly recommend to involve the recipient as well!

what it should look like

Leave some instructions and material to finish the project!santas hat
 Draw a hat shape, cut and glue! (Use parcel that it came in)IMAG0611Draw funny Santa Claus and glue cotton (pads – if your mother forgot it) to the appropriate places as well as the small presents. Finished!!!