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If you live in the States you have probably seen this gem of an SNL skit. Homeland has sucked me in, I admit. But Anne Hathaway is excellent as Claire Danes aka Carrie Matheson. Watch it, laugh, reminisce about that giant cork board they took down in Carrie’s house.

SNL Homeland Skit

I have very recently read a very interesting article about the development of characters in TV series and how the non-develpment of the Glee characters made her switch off the tv (apart from the dubbed musical songs), because they apparently make the same mistakes over and over again without learning or growing. The total opposite is Brodie’s daughter Dana in Homeland. Hasn’t she been the fullest girl character you’ve ever seen? I am very happy to see that she has gotten an even bigger role in season 2. Therefore loved this interview with actress Morgan Saylor in the LA Times.