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This series is probably the most relatable series for twentysomethings of my generation. Never have I loved and cried so much about things I might have gone through myself. It doesn’t even take 3 minutes into the first episode until my very favourite quote of the entire season. Hannah’s parents have just told her that they are cutting her off financially to give her that ominous last push. They are in NYC for the weekend and so have some time left to spend with Hannah, but she is shocked, numb, disappointed, astonished  and outraged by her parent’s decision so she tells them she has no time doing this and doing that:

I believe this is the sentiment of my generation caught in one sentence. Aren’t we all just trying to figure out who we are, what we want and where we wanna be? Especially college grads seem to be hit by this train after college or in between studies. Parents who supported them all along the way and made it possible for you to build your own net of friends and home and then there is only you who needs to make the decision: this is what I want from life! But what?