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Wow, so there I was thinking we (a group of trainees and interns) would go out for dinner in a student-budget friendly place, but boy was I wrong. However, I was so glad we didn’t. It was such an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to anybody to save up for this restaurant. (Also to tell other people that the president of the European Commission Barroso just ate there they night before you did).

Ethiopian – KoKoB

Rue des Grands Carmes 10

Firstly, do make a reservation. It is a lot easier that way.

Secondly, come in a bunch so you can share from a big plate and try lots of different pastes and sauces.

Thirdly, don’t bring friends who are over hygenic. You will have to eat with your hands and you will have fun, unless you are the kind of person who sanitizes his hands every time he gets out of the metro.

The staff was lovely and explained every item to us. It was no problem at all to order a vegetarian dish and the Australian wine we had was delicious. The wraps/pancakes you will use for eating are pretty vinegary by time – so as a Brit you will have no problem with that. What I loved most about the place was the initial ritual where you had to feed your neighbour or the guest sitting opposite you with the first round by hand. Such a nice bonding experience, though intimate to open your mouth to people you haven’t known for a longer period.