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No, I am not too late for the very well known food festival that is happening in Brussels each year. I am however going to talk about food in Brussels. I am still new to this city, but I have already had a couple of nice eats out.

Les frites – Maison Antoine

Place Jourdan

If you have once eaten here. You will never want to eat chips somewhere else in this world. They are just that good! Yes the queue is always that long, yes it is recommended by every tourist guide, yes opinions differ. No, I will not tell you how many frites I have tried elsewhere to elevate this friterie to the chips-making heaven.

Firstly, in Belgium you order your sauces “à part” meaning they will come in a little dish or container apart from your chips.

Second thing you will need to know: one does not order ketchup, maybe curry ketchup, but not the ordinary Heinz. Sauces I can recommend: Cocktail et Andaluse. My favourite though would be Spécial which is a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup with fresh cut onions.

Thirdly, don’t ask yourself whether you have ordered incorrectly. Yes, the chips bag she is rolling from frites paper right now is really tiny, but it gets bigger -trust me- layer by layer, do not worry.

Bon Appetit!